What is BETA? 

The SOUNDBOKS BETA program is an early access program to both specific firmware and app features ahead of time to allow for early feedback and finding potentially odd use-cases that may not work as intended despite passing our tests (read: bugs and edge-cases).

How do I join the BETA program?

You have to create a new account for your BETA App, because your account info is not transferred between the two environments of the BETA App and the ‘normal’ SOUNDBOKS App.

If you’re on iOS, you can access the BETA app (separate from the normal app) via this link:

Join the SOUNDBOKS Beta - iOS

If you’re on Android, you can access the BETA app (separate from the normal app) via this link:

Join the SOUNDBOKS Beta - Android

What firmware is currently in BETA?

The current firmware in BETA is now 2.3.4.
This Firmware is available for the SOUNDBOKS Gen. 3, the SOUNDBOKS Go and the SOUNDBOKS 4.

For this Firmware release, we’ve focused on solving a number of issues and improving the overall product stability.
In a bit more detail, this release includes:

  • General bug fixes and stability improvements, notably:
  • Fixed a problem where SOUNDBOKS Go in JOIN was not able to leave passive power mode even when audio was resumed, causing the JOIN speaker to not play audio until rebooted.
  • Fixed an issue where the tweeter overload protection could kick in prematurely, causing the tweeter on some products to be lower than intended.
  • Greatly improved connection stability with Android phones.
  • In the case of a corrupted audio signal, the SOUNDBOKS will shut off significantly quicker in order to protect the tweeter.

How to report bugs?

In case that you find a bug in the new Firmware or the App and/or you are experiencing any problems or weird behaviour, it would help us most, if you report an Instabug right after the issue.
You can click the question mark in the right corner of your screen, then click on "Give us Feedback" and then "send a bug".
Please include a small problem description for our Team and (if possible) a screenshot or video as well.
We really appreciate it!

Using the BETA app doesn’t make your products incompatible with the normal app, so if you at any point in time find a unique problem in the BETA app, you should be able to simply switch to the normal app.

How is the BETA app different from the normal app/firmware?

The BETA program is effectively an entirely different stage. For non-technical users, you can imagine it as a parallel universe, close to ours, but yet far enough away that it doesn’t interfere with the normal one.

This means that any users and / or registrations made there, including locks and your account etc., does not carry over to the production app, as they don’t “talk” together to prevent pollution.
In practice, this means that your BETA user and registrations have nothing to do with your normal ones. You also have to create a new account for your BETA profile, because your account info is not transferred between the two environments.

Due to this reason, we’ve disabled registrations in BETA, as having products locked in one environment and unlocked in another is fundamentally confusing, and breaks the feature of allowing you to remotely lock the product using another app users phone.

What will happen if you use BETA instead of the normal app?

By using the BETA app, you’ll get access to features and bug-fixes before they land in the normal app. This also includes early access to firmware that we’ve qualified for BETA.
It might also mean that some features are not available in the BETA app or that it might be under maintenance more often than the normal app.

Unless instructed otherwise inside the app or via prompts, the BETA app can be used exactly like the normal app and should for all intents and purposes be the same, however potentially with a limited scope.

Does my warranty change if I participate in the BETA program?

Participation doesn’t change your warranty for the individual products. Any issues arising from BETA firmware or using the BETA app is thoroughly scrutinised, and will be treated on a case-by-case basis, regardless of warranty status.

What if I want to leave the BETA program?

Leaving the BETA program is simply a matter of not using the BETA app. You can simply delete the BETA App from your phone, if you don’t want to use it anymore.

If you want to return to the latest available production firmware, you should be able to simply go to the normal app and choose the re-upgrade option under the system update page. This will apply the latest production version to your product, effectively downgrading the product if it’s been on a BETA firmware.

The BETA is no longer available - why?

We may periodically remove access to the BETA program as we’re either finished testing or we’re limiting the test to a specific number of individuals. If either firmware or app passes the BETA stage, we may close the environment, as the changes being tested are then already part of the normal app or firmware.