Batteries wear out over time. If you’ve owned a smartphone, you’re all too familiar with the dwindling battery life even after a few months of use. Thankfully, the SOUNDBOKS battery is more robust—and a lot smarter—than your average rechargeable battery. But it’s still subject to losing a little life after a while.


  • Use your battery to power your SOUNDBOKS. The charger is NOT a power supply, but it is a battery charger
  • Don’t play over volume 5 while the battery is charging in the speaker
  • UNPLUG your battery from the SOUNDBOKS before storing it (the SOUNDBOKS (Gen.3) uses a small amount of power when it is turned off and that might slowly drain your battery)
  • Avoid deep discharge of under 20% for optimal rechargeable battery power
  • Store batteries indoors and with at least 80% capacity
  • Charge and store at living room temperature, ideally at 15° C (59° F)
  • Discharge within stated temperature range: -15 to 55 ℃ (5 to 131 ℉)
  • Always follow the ‘ALWAYS:’ and ‘DO NOT:’ instructions printed on the bottom of your battery.


  • If you’re only using your charger to power the SOUNDBOKS, it may shut down at higher volume (normally between level 6 and 11). If you are plugging your charger to the SOUNDBOKS without a battery in it, the amount of power available to the SOUNDBOKS is going to be lower as the charger will only provide energy up to a certain volume. 
  • The SOUNDBOKS was built for maximum performance while running on the battery only.  The charger is NOT a power supply, but it is a battery charger

Experiencing an issue with your battery? Check out our FAQ on the battery: here