This Firmware Upgrade will only be available for the SOUNDBOKS Gen 3.
With 2.0.1 and 2.1.1 we intended to make the system significantly more stable, however we introduced a couple of bugs where there were previously undefined behaviour relied upon, when entering and leaving low-power mode.
These have been fixed with this release:

  • Fixed a problem with units in JOIN not being able to leave passive power mode even when audio was resumed, causing the JOIN speaker to not play audio until rebooted.

  • Fixed a problem where units in JOIN would not turn off the SKAA module correctly until power up again, causing the SKAA module to be on despite turning off the product.
  • Fixed a problem where locking a speaker would cause the LEDs to blink too often, and subsequently causing slow / non-responsive unlocks.

  • Fixed a problem where turning the PRO PANEL to mic mode would return to normal mode after ~10 seconds of silence, causing the mic mode to effectively be reset every time.