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This is the only swappable battery in the Bluetooth speaker game. Seriously. Compatible with all SOUNDBOKS products. Experienced users always have an extra on hand to swap in a snap and keep the music going. 40 hours of playback at mid-volume, 5-10 hours at full volume depending on model.
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What's in the box?

  • Batteryboks

How does battery swapping work?

With an ingenious clip system developed with our original design. The BATTERYBOKS fits snuggly in the port, cable out and the barrel-style battery jack slides into the battery for a connection that can take some heavy stress.


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How long does the SOUNDBOKS battery last? The BATTERYBOKS used with SOUNDBOKS (Gen. 3) lasts for ~40 hours when playing music at mid-volume and ~5 hours at full volume (126 dB). Used with SOUNDBOKS (Gen. 2), it lasts for ~40 hours when playing music at mid-volume and ~8 hours at full volume (122 dB). All depending on the amount of low frequencies being played.

Can you charge and play at the same time? Yes, you can insert the charger in the SOUNDBOKS while having a battery inserted. However, we don’t really recommend it for regular use. SOUNDBOKS was meant to run on a battery. We also recommend you unplug the battery when the battery is fully charged to care for the battery and extend the lifetime.

How does the battery indicator work? Push the rubber button on the top of the battery and the five LEDs will light up to indicate the remaining battery. The LEDs also tell you how much you’ve got left to go when charging.

What kind of battery is the BATTERYBOKS?The BATTERYBOKS is a custom 12.8 V LiFePO4 battery. The internal and external components can handle temperatures from -10 to +40 °C (+14 to +104 °F), allowing you to use your SOUNDBOKS in most climates.

Does BATTERYBOKS work with all SOUNDBOKS models?The BATTERYBOKS works with the SOUNDBOKS Gen. 3 and Gen 2., but not any earlier generations.